Gravel Pit Development

Our Commitment to Landowners

The first thing we see when we come in to work is the signpost naming all of our pits; past and present.

It's the first thing anyone sees in our Leduc head office, because they are the cornerstone of our business. A few are pits we own, but most are partnerships that started over coffee and a conversation.

Most often, it takes more than one conversation for us to really understand what the landowner needs to benefit from having Mixcor mine the land. If the neighbors have questions, we'll meet with them individually too, whether there are two or two-hundred.

We are all about making it work for everyone involved. So we strive to exceed industry best practices and comply with all municipal, provincial, and federal regulations. Most importantly, when we're done, our reclamation efforts meet the landowner's standards.

Our approach, guided by a vision that values people, professionalism, and passion above all else, helps farmers stay on their land, keep their estates intact, enjoy retirement, or expand their operations.

So when we see those signs each morning, we are reminded of the relationships each represents and of the promises made in forging those partnerships. It frames the day, for us and for everyone at Mixcor. We work to live up to those promises.

Terry & Dawn Mix



Pit Planning

Sand and gravel are non-renewable resources. Extraction of this resource often involves land disturbance to create a pit.

Well-planned sand and gravel operations measure the extent of overburden, and the size and quality of the aggregate deposit.

The amount of material to be extracted is estimated and operations are planned to maximize efficiency and to minimize environmental impact.

Specific consideration is given to erosion control, top-soil conservation, protection of watercourses and end land-use.

Mining Aggregate

Producing quality rock products is a multi-step process.

• Excavating & Stockpiling: The removal of topsoil, subsoil, and other overburden; keeping it all separate for ease of progressive reclamation. Followed by aggregate extraction and stockpiling.

• Crushing: Crushing equipment is used to size rocks to meet product specifications.

• Washing: Certain finished products require the removal of fine particles.

• Loading & Hauling: Product is loaded into trucks for delivery to our customers.

• Maintenance: Ongoing site and haul road maintenance.


The objective of sand and gravel pit reclamation is to return the land to its equivalent capability. Upon completion of mining, standard reclamation requirements include:

• Re-contouring

• Re-distribution of subsoil and topsoil

• Re-vegetation

• Removal of equipment and buildings

• Obtaining a Reclamation Certificate under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act

Mixcor employs progressive reclamation as a Best Management Practice, to promote early eco-system re-establishment.