Mixcor and the Environment

Aggregates are essential to everyone’s life.  They are the natural resource most used in construction materials and as such are the foundation on which our communities are built.  At Mixcor we believe that industry and nature can co-exist. 

We manage our business with the utmost respect for the environment by adhering to all applicable regulatory requirements.  

We operate in accordance with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development guidelines which include obtaining the permits, approvals, licenses, and registrations required for operating sand and gravel pits within the province of Alberta. 

Mixcor works with local Municipalities and Counties to ensure that we are good corporate citizens and excellent neighbours.  We believe that the strength of these relationships ultimately enhance the communities where we live and work.

Air quality considerations include dust control measures such as road spraying.  We employ measures to control sound output such as baffles on our crushing machines. Additionally, we are constantly securing access to near-market sand and gravel deposits to reduce fleet travel time, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


Mixcor works with local municipalities and counties to ensure that we are good corporate citizens and excellent neighbours.


Mixcor understands that industry and nature CAN co-exist


Progressive reclamation strategies are employed as a standard operating practice. This promotes early eco-system re-establishment on previously mined land.