Sales & Marketing Manager, Harry Ernst

Harry is well known in our industry with strong experience in both privately held and publically traded companies.  Since starting with Mixcor, Harry has guided our sales achievements since mid-2002.  His extensive contacts and strong relationships with our customers’ key decision makers help make Mixcor a trusted source for aggregate supply, while his keen grasp of value-based pricing helps to maximize selling prices.

Aggregate Resource Manager, Brock Helm, B.Sc., B.Ed

Brock joined Mixcor in 2011.  His knowledge of the industry and work ethic continue to add value to the business.  Brock’s familiarity with provincial regulators provides strength for us as he develops his team to work through ever increasing scrutiny of all provincial applications and the associated operations.  Brock’s knowledge of aggregate deposits is valuable in our exploration program as we prioritize exploration and acquisition of reserves to maintain and develop a solid competitive position in our active and target markets.

Equipment Manager, Gary Kesslar

Gary started with Mixcor on the 21st of February 2018. Gary has extensive knowledge of equipment operations thru his past experiences in the construction industry. We will rely on Gary's knowledge to provide strong leadership, creativity and positive motivation to help us achieve a cost effective equipment operation. His experience with equipment accompanied by a strong financial and technical background will help Mixcor to achieve operational excellence.

General Manager, Gary Zeitner, R.E.T., MBA

Gary has been with Mixcor since 2004.  His experience in both the roadbuilding and aggregates industries provides perspective on the customer and competitive issues we face in the Alberta market place.  Gary’s knowledge of the major Western Canada Markets fits well with our long-term goal.  With this management team in place, his focus is to move Mixcor toward the future we have defined for ourselves.  He is also a key contact for our external stakeholders and business partners as we continue toward operational excellence.

Treasurer, Dawn Mix

Dawn has worked at Mixcor since 1999.  With the current long-term goal in place, she has taken ownership of our Vision, Values, & Strategy action plan to ensure that the processes we put in place now will bring value for years to come.  Dawn actively manages the treasury function of the companies, coordinating closely with our Accounting staff to manage cash flows.  She demonstrates the Value of People through the participation, input, and direction she provides for our People-related benefits and compensation programs. 

President, Terry Mix

Terry has been around this business for his whole life, and has officially worked for the company since 1992.  His knowledge of the production side of the business provides a solid understanding of operational issues while his big-picture thinking supports the planning side of the business, allowing us to move forward while addressing current issues.  His personal approach provides strength in his role as a key contact for external stakeholders and business partners.